Who We Are

The Superior Register began as an idea borne out of frustration


Located in Gig Harbor, WA, The Superior Register began in 2007 as a way to solve a problem of its creator, Marcia Gibbons (that’s me). When debit cards were introduced in the 1990’s, suddenly the little registers that came with a box of checks were completely inadequate. At the office supply store, there were business ledgers and registers available, but they were too complicated and expensive. I began purchasing small notebooks, using a ruler to add lines for columns on each page, to use as a check register. Then, in the mid 2000’s, notebook manufacturers decided that notebooks should be perforated. Ugh! Perforated pages that are written in daily tend to fall out of the notebook easily. So, in 2007, I decided I’d had enough, and thought that perhaps others might be struggling as well.

Enter The Superior Check and Debit Card Register


With my incredible (lack of) business savvy, I launched The Superior Check and Debit Card Register. I sold units on eBay and gave more away to friends and family. I discovered that starting a business from scratch is not as easy as I thought, so after losing money on the initial registers I had made, I got a “real job” and quit the business of selling check registers.

Turns out they last a long, long time!


I had all but forgotten my misadventures into the world of selling check registers. Then, in 2010, emails and phone calls started rolling in, requesting new check registers. So I decided to get back to work and The Superior Register was reborn. We are now a team of four people with a mission to help people keep their finances in order.


About our product (a.k.a. The Sales Pitch)


The Superior Check and Debit Card Register is the ultimate checking account register for people who use their debit cards often. Those dinky checkbook registers you get with your box of checks are only good if that's all you do...write checks. Modern times require a modern solution. The Superior Check and Debit Card Register will not actually last forever, but it will feel like it! It has 2,600 entry lines! That is far more than the average check register, and it is all the information you could ask for in one place. No more digging through old check registers looking for a certain transaction. It's there. No more looking for scraps of paper to keep track of your debit transactions. It's done. If you use your debit card at all, then the Superior Check and Debit Card Register is for you!